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i've got beautiful lesson from life.

hidden in the butterfly paradise.

i'm fighting with my own self.

psychologically, physically, mentally equally.

it doesnt matter anymore.

how far.

how fast.

how strong.


ive got stuck in the system.

in the health system.

in the mental health system.

driven by animal instincts.

weaker organisms are deleted.

walking through the forest.

together with wolfs.

escaping the barriers again.

escaping again.


while doing whats forbidden.

to keep the action going.

being deep and shallow.



its not hard to accept.

its not hard to change.

it requires will.

it doesnt have to be strong.

it has to be.

thats it.



sometimes everyone needs a shot from life.

to change habbits. to move on to the next level.

to start writing new chapters.

in the old book.


...i forgot the title.

dont know where got lost.

the last visible story is not understandable.

written in weird language of fakeness.

tears between the letters damaged the construction.

its gone. like an old owl.

fly away.


i know.


im gonna be stronger than ever before.

am i ready for that?






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