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i run across many things

which direct me

like a small silent hints 

where should i go, why and how fast.

if you live each year the same way for 75 years

do not call it a life. 

ive got a little timeout.

ive got too comfortable on my own ass.

its time to move and get new perspectives.

time to change and get ready for next steps.

where we get lost. we find ourselves by the roots. 

ive got strict timing

before i will leave

that involves bit of planning

but the rest will play in now. 

i dont need to find anything or anyone. 

i may. starting from self.

like every human beeing we hate rejection. 

but sometimes we are not able to change the third parties views.

never. one day they will open eyes. 

breaking into  someones lifes. 

following too many lies. 

because how difficult can it be

to be yourself in times of artificiality.

ittle downs created by real other beeings 

not stimulated by substances of any kind.

i need my ratherapy. to recover...

from humanity.





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