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.lost in time.

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.lost in time.

be angry at yourself for what you avoid.

feel depressed and happy at once.

constant fight with the non-existing.

get lost and be found.

fix one thing, break the other.

don't let yourself die.

don't blink, cause you might miss something.

noisy air. lifting vibrations, power of sound.

killing silence.

killing sailence.



there are material things, which possession is imprisoning us, while we think that we have more.

the time and space is fake.

surrounded by borders.


i forgot how to cry.





what, if you would take a step back.

and look at your surroundings.


holds you back.




turn off your minds.

stop thoughts.

stop time.





what is time?





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chiquitaser  - 24/07/2015 1:21:01
time is nothing

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