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You are the flame in my heart. 



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You're my inspiration, my muse.

And you're also a great pain.

And it's what makes me create something all the time.

Music, prose and poetry are you.

Perhaps I am too sensitive to live in this insensitive place,

among people without a soul.

Knocked down by Father from heaven, to wander among you.

Burdened with a blemish of evil, I create goodness every day...

Under the mask of a smile I hide my true sad soul.

Who gets punches from fate every step of the way.

A coward would say we have to run away from a place that only destroys us...

But not me, I am a warrior full of hope that fate will change.

And the suffering I experience is repentance for my past deeds.

I am shaping my character, every day I am tempted by demonic women,

who persuade me to use Earthly pleasures.

But I'm tough, I blow them off with a smile.

Because I have news that another bad move

would condemn me forever and cause me incredible pain

until the end of my existence.

Stay with me, angel, let me take care of you.

I will provide you with shelter under my wing, from the evil of this world.

I will guard your goodness like a soldier.

For as long as you are beside me, I see the meaning of my existence.

That's why don't you let me lose you and stay somewhere next to me.

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