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Still waiting for the end.

Dodane 11 KWIETNIA 2022 ze strony mobilnej
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And another day at hotel room... Why can we just go home and come back here later? This waiting is killing me.


No where to go, the wind here is so strong and cold..


The Best is just stay at this little room and try to not think about anything. Maybe tomorrow will be better day.


Anyway this will end in 4 day and i will come back to my love where i should be at this moment. I know i should find a different job but this is the best way to get money faster.


But sometimes maybe better is to get it later and be happy at home?


This need to end faster then i think cause this is killing me again from the inside, and i cant let this happen again.


Data is alive again so i need to be faster to not let him die. Not this time.


DaTa out.

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