Załóż konto

Heh, funny, quite some time has passed since I last wrote here and I decided to leave this photoblog alone.


But as you can see, something broke because I have to throw away what I have lying around somewhere and, of course, read it later.


I feel like I've been dying inside for a long time, if not already dead.

I deleted my photos everywhere I could, but not here.


And what's more, as you can see, I unlocked this place, I don't really know why. I dabble in dubbing, but only as a hobby, because apparently I have a good voice for it, but I still have doubts about it because I think my voice is terrible.


Anyway, I'll be gone from here soon, so this will probably be the last post.


So yes...

I was extremely stupid...


Believing that something would change for me.


But as I noticed, nothing changes ;).


What I wanted to happen happened and what? I achieved my goal and what do I get from it?




It's a bit sad that this can be achieved by rejecting everyone without feelings.

Sometimes I just miss this one girl, but that's not really important.


"I wish somebody loved me as much as I hate myself

I wish somebody listened as much as I go through hell
For every time I've thought of ending it all, wish somebody had felt what I felt
I wish somebody loved me as much as I hate myself"



DaTa** out.

Dodane 9 MAJA 2024
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