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.how to be simple.

.have no dreams that need defense against the truth.

.do not try to make yourself.


The joy comes from the understanding Who/what creates you. And does anything what creates need a defense? defenses are foolish guardians of mad illusions. The more grotesque the dream, the fiercer and more powerful its defenses seem to be.

when you finally agree to look past them, you find that nothing was there. Slowly at first, let yourself be undeceived. But you learn faster as your trust increases.


.It is not danger that comes when defenses are laid down. It is safety. It is peace. It is joy.


(...) A course in Miracles






Protecting myself with protective wall. It actually does not protect. It makes me more vurnerable and sensitive. More responsive to harms.Cause any time when the protection fails, or when there is someone or something trying to overcome your wall and gain your trust, the harm which occurs is harming sensitive body. Sensitive object. It is a mistake which I'm stuck in since ages. I should not make myself weaker, but get stronger by throwing the protection away. It is cozy, comfortable, seems to be safe and warm. It is like this own little world in which you can hide yourself from the world's evils. or like a little prison where the sensitive object is stuck and cannot see the real life and means of freedom around. you receive emotions and waves which are changed by your wall. Instead, you/me should receive clear. To understand how little there is. and the harmful hazards are not that harmful anymore, if we perceive them as less harmful... or not harmful at all. It always worked, but why we make it more difficult, by protective measures.








.stop thinking.

.rest for a while.




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