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do my thoughts control me?

do I take a control over my thoughts?


everything is balanced. everything balances itself. it was balanced since ever. and human beings are just a small part in the balancing process. people from spiritual and religious were going into knowledged and sienced since ages... only for the purpose of turning around to see the power in spirituality again. we are now in the transition. from knowledge religion and scientistic Gods we turn into focus on ourselves. we put ourselves, and other humans at first place. every generation of humans has bigger and bigger eyes. we are evolving, changing. see more... predicitons are from scientists, they are manipulative and influencial. but you can also seek them in yourself. in your inner space. the center of attention is changing.

first thing you need to learn. I need to learn. is to take a control. control over emotions, thoughts, impulses. to go higher than this. tho go into the higher perspective, fight this flat dimension. be golden. open. straight. with yourself and the world. the outter doesnt matter. its what inside and how you treat yourself and others.


its just bunch of thoughts.

it is beautiul to understand. it is scary to realize. it is essential to know.





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