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. I've got a perfect gift .

. I've got a freedom i wouldnt expect .


and in the times when I thought my life would break down I've got so many positive signs.

I did not realize there is so many GOOD things around me.

random people sharing kindness without knowing how important it is right now.
old friends letting me know that they are still there no matter what and how.

so many amazingness around me... just when i thought my life would break down.




Think your thought. name it. and pass it on to another.

that just thoughts...



I thought that thoughts are created by me.

but what if? what if I am created by them.

if you can overcome your own ego...

you can be better outside.

I still make mistakes. I harm myself and others... but there is a difference.

now... I see them. and I can fight them.




If one says - something is impossible. I will come... and I will DO it.








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