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Dodane 17 KWIETNIA 2022 ze strony mobilnej
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And I have no idea whatsoever

About anything

All these constant changes

Hundred different moods

I feel like I cannot name any feeling properly

Nor understand it

Im tired

And very sick of trying to find myself

I dont enjoy all these bugs inside my head

I used to understand them perfectly

And lately Im just really confused

And unsure of whats supposed to be done

To make everything normal and enjoyable

Its exhausting

And I cannot find any strength to figure it out

I like simple solutions

And good time

Im lazy and I dont feel like forcing myself to do the hard stuff

I just want to breathe freely and enjoy the good moments

Too bad it seems impossible

Cause there will always be complications

Its the only thing Im sure of

You can never be truly happy and satisfied

Cause there will always be that one thing that bothers you

And to fix it, you need to do something against your nature

And thats extremely difficult

To be honest, Ive never been so confused in my life

Its like the longer I live, the more questions I have and everything makes less sense

There are just so many things you have no control over

And it deeply frustrates you

And all you feel like doing is to give up

And just live your life the way it is

So you can sleep at night and be calm

And never overthink

Because it slowly kills you

And you want the easy way cause its so much more likely to achieve

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10/05/2022 19:37:13