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Case number: 696
Date of admission: 2 .09.2011.
Name: Lia, last name unknown.
Age and Sex: 16 years. Female.
Married, Single or Widowed: Single.
Has any family?: Unknown.
Occupation: Hmm...
Habits of Life: .....That could mean anything.
Religious persuasion: Wicca
Brought by whom?: Marilyn Manson,Emilie Autumn,Asylum and Alice.
Form of Insanity: Melancholia Dementia.
Supposed cause: Unknown, assumed, genetic weakness
Is hereditary?: Suspected
Is Suicidal?: Yes
Is dangerous to others?: Yes
Is destructive to property?: Yes
State of bodily health?: Hmm....Ill
Marks of violence, if any: Cuts and bruises (Self-inflicted of course)
Facts specified in medical certificate, upon which opinion of insanity founded:
1. Facts indicating insanity observed by medical man.
Claims to hear voices at night.
Prone to bouts of melancholia, interspersed with brief periods of excitement,
such as to interrupt the peace of the household.
2: Other facts indicating insanity, communicated to him by others.
General raving.
Has made numerous accusations against her guardian,
Which, as he is a respected personage,
are clearly the ravings of a fevered mind.
Has violently attacked her guardian,
Causing serious injury.
Has conspired with the housemaid to ruin household property,
and attempted to steal items,
namely a stone Cherub and an ironwork Candelabra.
Attempted suicide by drowning (How original).
Walking the city of Toruń in insufficient and inappropriate clothing.
Stealing goods from local merchants.
Intent to prostitute.
Order signed by....

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