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"A little bit carefree

A little bit laughing

A little bit blushing

But a little bit crushed"




"I wonder what's on your mind

Standing with a straight smile

But please don't say a word

We both know we're only two cigarettes from the end


Today I'm waking up so tired of dreamin'

There's nothing left in us that I believe in

Finally I've realized

That it's time to get away

Get away"




"Every blue moon when we meet, once in a while, you fluster and you shine, your smile is still a crime, when you ask how I am, where I work, and where I live

I wanna tell you something cool...


I get along, I get along

But every time when Im with you, I miss the things that you would do..."




"Yesterday is just a memory

Today a faded smile

Tomorrow will come with the beat of a drum 


Im playing my part

And I feel theres a ray of hope

In my two way kaleidoscope

Oh yeah, and I know I will find a home

Somewhere in the great unknown

And you know...


Life is but a wheel of fortune

But nothing ever comes for free

And Im taking my name from the lattery 

Gotta believe Im all I need

Life is but a crazy bus ride 

Im fighting for the steering wheel

Im kicking my way to the driver's seat

Gotta be strong

I gotta see

Gotta believe

Im all I need


Im ready to face the music

Im writting my own song

I gotta let go 

Im reading the notes

Im playing but I..."




"You're a whisper and I'm a shout

I am a statement and you're a doubt

From your window I might seem small

But from a different view

I'm as good as you

You're a lightclub and I'm a torch

You are the backbeat I'm four on the floor

In your headphones I might sound wrong

But in a different tune

I'm as good as you"




"Too little of love"

"I get along"

"Get away"

"All I need"

"As good as you"


atlam jej, ładna jesteś! :o
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07/08/2017 9:16:07