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Volenti Fit Non Iniuria 



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See you in hell

My mind drifted in dirt and pain I was so weak and weary,
The sun and also my soul enveloped black and dreary.

Deep into the darkness I stood wondering, fearing,
My heart smoldered deep within.
But it had still continued beating

Nightmare in a damaged brain -- all night long

White apparition glided nearby with an ancient grin,
The air grew denser, death perfumed from the ghostly censer.

Nightmare in a damaged brain -- all night long

Its eyes have the menace of a Demon,
Its shadow hugs the stony ground.
Do angels borne draw their curtains?

A deathlike shroud never torn.
Nightmare in a damaged brain -- all night long
Or am I dreaming instead?


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isabell  - 26/03/2014 11:40:12
Ładne zdjęcie ;)

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