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yes! am a fuckin princess! (: 



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now we can say that all good things come to an end but we know each other
way too well to pretend. we went from friends to something much more, to
breaking up to making up and f-cking, once more
.. second chances, we
gave enough to finally, we gave i
t up, but some days I be waking up
and wanting one more..
but what for? maybe its just the
we break each others hearts, so maybe its
for the better.. 
holla whenever, cause you always
got a friend in me, 
and nothing lasts forever,

least we got these memories..



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modomiss  - 28/11/2011 21:26:26
Wejdż może znajdziesz coś dla siebie, codziennie nowe fotki :>

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