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.the rules are to be broken.

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.the rules are to be broken.





It is an amazing feeling. When you realize yourself.
When you start noticing how many things you see are wrong.
It is possible to keep your mind clear...
When you swipe away all the disturbances and vibes which are influencing it.

Stay clean. calm. rested.

               In the every day fight with what is real and what is imagined.

               You see that some things do not give any benefits to you.

               They are just there. just there.

               Bur are they really the way you see them? Or are they different.

               Do you create the way they look... do I?

                                What happens... After you stop believing?
                                Do you get lost? scared? confused? or...

                                or do you actually start realizing. that ...

                                everything you see.

                                everything you feel.

                                everything you sense.

                                everything you experience.

                                you do it in the way you perceive it. you do it in the way you wanna receive it.

                                you give the things, people, places, situations your own personal meaning.

                                which comes from someting. but it is not outer.

                                it is the result of what is inside of you...





...If you start seeing things.

you know that there were always there.

you may be scared of how many things there is still

to realize and to get know.

the process of creating myself in progress again.

actually all the time.

so many things crossed my path what brought me

into this point.

showed me real and less real.

i thought it is fun to create the world as we want it to be.

it is deffinitely more fun to see above this world.

go to the higher level of existance.

dont listen to small things, and dont let them disturb the peace.





while treating soul and mind in peace

trying to find balance

there comes time for body

to cooperate and add extra strenght

to the process...






.the rules are made to be broken.









does the realization will steal the fun ?
is  the understanding necessary ?

so many dumb questions .






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