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Patience is almost over

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Patience is almost over



You set my soul on fire

Made me feel and wake

Alive and full of desire

A part from me you take


My lust for you is endless

Love is slowly burning me now

And all the walls I've created

You just crushed them down




But my darling, my sweet boy

As i told you, i will wait

But not until forever

My patience is almost gone


You go to her in the morning

But the nights are still mine

Even if she sleeps besides you

It is the thought of me, keeping you awake



Maybe someday you will decide

To come and haunt me

Look me in the eyes and confess your lust

But it could be too late




Dear world,

I'm back

Let's have some fun

Some nice talking shit

And good cold wine

Beautiful people with their hearts open

Some emotions and deep talking

I'm not afraid anymore




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