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Sacrament Of...Wilderness

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Sacrament Of...Wilderness

Naked in midwinter magic
The frozen figure crossed by tracks of wolves
An encounter symbolic yet truthful
With a hungry choir of wolves
An agreement immemorial to be born

Accompany all charming tunes
Of a sacrament by a campfire
A promise between the tameless
And the one with a tool
Tonight the journey from a cave begins ...

Wrapped in furs beneath the northern lights
From my cave I watch the land untamed
And wonder if some becoming season
Will make the angel melt in shame

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reminescence  - 26/01/2011 13:29:52
hej, tu shizu z nowego fbl xD
deathcore  - 09/01/2011 10:40:43
Dziwne... :))
tamistra  - 25/12/2010 18:00:57
Schowaj te fajne cycki! ;>

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