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Some new pics.

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Some new pics.

Long time no pics so decided to come back and add few.

I mainly add blog on suicidegirls now,

If you wanna have a look then you more than welcome x

It's lots of memories on this photoblog...

Lots of old blogs and posts and pictures... So cool ^^

I have changed a lot since the first posts it's so weird...

My last post was about my first tattoo, oh well I had some more done since then plus new piercing ^^ I am in the middle of doing full on tattoo sleeve with Dragon Ball theme :)

So far i have got Trunks and Gohan, on pictures from this post they still not colored but pictures have like over month now so I already colored them... Will be adding Vegeta soon and some background to create half sleeve first then we will progress into full sleeve :)

Can't wait for that! I love tattoos and always wanted to have lots of them , well now I can afford it ;)

I am planning 5-6 days trip to Poland at beginning of August I will be in Warsaw so if anyone wants to meet then just pop me message and we could possibly arrange something.


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I see everyone on some weird questions and answers sites, just wondering if I should create one aswell... 

Ohh well let's try it then...


Till the next time x

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Some new pics.

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