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This city has no people... 


Just as I feared...

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Just as I feared...

...there's no one here either.


Everyone is inside with them.

Being with them is like living a beautiful dream.


A beautiful dream that no one wants to wake up from.

They will grant your deepest wishes.

They will do whatever you ask. They will be whatever you want.


They can do things that you cannot.

But...there is one thing...they cannot do.


They can never become people.

They might look like people, but they are only substitutes.


I know this very well because I am one of them.


Today I look for someone just for me.

Someone who will love me even if I can't fulfill their wishes.

Someone who has love for me alone.



There is another me.

The other me asks..."Does such a person exist?"


I need...someone whose love for me is true.

I want...someone who loves me without asking anything in exchange.

I hope...unless that someone loves me for being me...


...they're not someone just for me.


Is this so?

"It is."


This someone exists?

"He does."


If so...then where?


My someone is nearby, I think. Perhaps I already know him.



"...what if that person does not love you back?"


"What if that person likes someone...other than you?"


"People aren't like them. You can't erase their feelings."

"People aren't easy to change."


I know.

But people do change. Their feelings are dynamic.


"Feelings of love are more resistant than others."

"What if he never loves you?"


The I'll have to decide.


Decide...and then do what must be done.

Me and the other me. 

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