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***Salty Sins of Marta Teresa** 

spiritual reborn in Indonesia...

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This is an insight
into my life
this is a strange flight
I'm taking
my true will
carries me along

This is a soul dance
embracing me
this is the first chance
to put things right
moving on
guided by the light

And the spirit of love
is rising within me
talking to you now
telling you clearly
the fire still burns

Wisdom of ages
rush over me
heighten my senses
enlighten me
lead me on
eternally e!

~sandylaplegua Depeche Mode - Insight ... piękny utwór, jeden z moich ulubionych :)
19/08/2011 14:17:14
laajla bardzo ładne zdjęcie, a ja przeglądam katalog o Indonezji hehe
07/07/2011 18:44:59
horkrukss Ale ładnie ;*
07/07/2011 18:39:14

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