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Dodane 27 WRZEśNIA 2022 ze strony mobilnej , exif
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I like this photo I took this m today.



In 2 days my happy birthday. There is not any reason to be happy. well actually might be one( I'm cleverer and more experienced) no one takes it from me!


My sons growing well what can I have more?


I don't have much time for myself and it's annoying!

It can be overwhelming:(

I'm sure one thing-motherhood is a fantastic role! I love it!

I'm learning every day to be the best mum:)

By my son, I have to be so so patient! I'm coping well I guess



Anyway, I was with Theo at the clinic to get a blood test done

The results will be sent next week I hope everything is ok with me!

I feel good:) but I like to be checked to make sure there is nothing to worry about;)


To be honest I was missing put pictures on this website.

I'll be doing it from time to time:)


Good night!