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Dodane 14 STYCZNIA 2021 ze strony mobilnej
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So I have had my first interview in the hospital. I was quite nervous but I recon it went well. I'm strict myself and I could do a better but nevermind at least I tried.


It's lovely to get a new experience. Even if I don't get this job I would be delighted.


Well about an interview I got tricky questions about patients and myself.

I expected them because it's hospital no nursing home.

I left a bit dissatisfied. One thing is because I would have 40 residents. It's a lot! Isn't it?

Another reason is I wouldn't be in one place.

I don't know what I decide. After 7 days I will get a response I have been told. So we will see; )


I wasn't in a good mood after forwarding.

Matt drove me mad. That's all I wanted to say about today.

padholder oby wyszło po Twojej myśli :)
14/01/2021 4:26:36
laurin137 dzięki :D nawet jak ją dostanę nie wiem czy przyjmę. Musze przemyśleć :)
14/01/2021 17:37:05
padholder a jaka to ma być praca ?
14/01/2021 18:02:08