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Sun is rising upon the sky

I feel I'll never die

Maybe hope is so naive

But I'm still alive



Morning dew is on my face

I feel the love and grace

Tears have never been so shy

The ocean meets the sky



Alive, I'm still alive



Storm is over there's no clouds

The quiet sounds so loud

The ocean takes us where it flows

You are always close

Sleep is broken by the breeze

First time I don't feel freeze

Why you're looking for your clothes,

my love my sweetest rose?


Alive, I'm still alive


First star blinks from ancient times

My love is not a crime

I really don't know where it goes

I know my love still grows

Sun is down over my heart

The new day soon will start

I need no coffee need no sleep

I'm falling into deep


Alive, I'm still alive


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