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Dodano: 29 LISTOPADA 2022

Dracula z przypadku...

...których nie ma.



"Sometimes you don't know why you want to take the action, but deep down you feel that it's worth it, something pushes you to do it.



There are situations where a small move on my part can be a huge step in someone's path."



"Well well Marta, I know you...


You don't like asking for help because you're independent, so you're already starting to regret coming here. When you finally ask for help, it has to be a game you can't lose. It's not just about business. Showing strength without the strong reason would be shallow for you. You don't play bossy, it's not your style. You don't like aggression, so you'll do everything to avoid it. You are good and not able to hurt people, I know you rather want to defend the victims of those who hurt. 


I know you, if you came here, you already have your diplomatic plan in mind (laughs), but before you start implementing it, you want to make sure that even if it fails, you will not disappoint those who believed in it. You come to ask for help, even though you don't really want to use it. I trust you because you defend good values. I will help you because I know that even if there will come on the fight, I will stand on the right side. Be sure that me and my people are behind your back. I will protect you if need be, I respect people I can trust.


If it suddenly gets hot, I'll send someone to you at any time, if I have more time to prepare, I'll come with them.


Let me know if your plan fails."