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Shoe as a metaphor.

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Shoe as a metaphor.

The high heel shoes, no other fashion or accessory has caused women more pain and suffering through the centuries, be it physical agony or financial insolvency. Yet still, the bond between women and high heel shoes remains untarnished. This attribute comes in a variety of styles, from peep toe high heel shoes, sling-back high heel shoes or stiletto high heel shoes. The list is endless but it shows how far styles have evolved within the high heel shoe industry. With such a high demand these days from women to have the perfect pair of high heel shoes with every outfit, high heels have become a must have accessory for every fashion conscious woman, simply because shoes can make them more confident and attractive wherever they go. No matter in which occasions, a pair of high heels can always make women full of feminine flavor and elegant temperament. Shoes can perfectly show womens slender figure and fashionable vigor. Therefore, they are necessary to every female.When wearing the perfect pair they literally believe they can win the whole world. Does not matter whether its good for their well being , because loving beauty is their nature.Being always surrounded by women made me want to discover the relationship between them and shoes, thus my project examines womens identity and sexual personality through shoes. This one, certain inanimate object has an impact on their self  esteem or even personal appearance. The series of images is a combination of both the shoes and the naked form in surreal montage, inspired by the work of Bela Borsodi for V magazine called The Foot Fetish.


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erotykaa - 10/07/2012 13:35:30
+dodaj do znajomych :*
agitaa  - 03/09/2011 17:12:19
świetny pomysł.
dzagaa  - 01/07/2011 15:07:04
bardzo dobre!
super pomysł

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