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O mnie

I'm not interested in money,

"Diamonds are a girl’s
"who said
"I'm only comfortable
"Cause we are living in a material world
'Would you like to see me?
"A career is wonderful,
"I've been on a calender,
'What the devil have you got to be proud
"There's only one sort of natural blonde
I want to be a big star more than anything

Czym się zajmuję?
I just want to be wonderful.

O moich zdjęciach

best friend ;] !!
nights were for sleep.."
when I'm naked."
And I am a material girl ;]!!"
I'm blonde and I'm sexy."
but you can't up with it on a cold night."
but never on time."
about Marilyn Monroe? I said "EVERYTHING"
on earth - albino's."
It's something precious .
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