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'I've learned that I have a lot of compassion for people.

I've learned that crying and admitting when you're wrong are signs of strength, not weakness.

I've learned that love is more important than money, power, or sex.

I've learned that forgiveness heals everyone, most importantly you.

I've learned that laughter is truly the best medicine foe the soul.

I've learned that you can't take life too seriously.

I've learned that sometimes listening to what others have to say is the best therapy.

I've learned that how people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours.

I've learned that I've learned a lot, but still know very little.

wakacje '09.
słonko, dałaś mi do myślenia i wspominania..


4 komentarze
coverme  - 22/05/2010 15:59:41
` i...? jaki to koror.?;>
maaziaaa  - 22/05/2010 12:45:40
yeep  - 21/05/2010 22:33:10
coverme  - 21/05/2010 20:09:35
ych, Ty kochane Ty moje...
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