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O mnie

I want to give you the best what I have
Troubles are useless for us for nothing
Bonjour madame, I'm studying a ground with you
When I'm diving blindfold, falling head down
Of spill meanings I'm storing a sack
I'm hitting my head on the wall, they're asking what is with him
I think about that, when no one is home
You know how it is, life is like a test
You have to know about that
On the road dirty Mercedes-Benz is getting wet
And that strange mood is overtaking me again
On the desert island I saw footprints on the sand
The king, a winner of these forests again
And your heel's clatter is taking over me
There is no place where we can't go
In the middle of the forest I'll not let you go, I'll not say "let me go"
There is no place, there is no possibility
This world is hungry of love
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