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A Painful Impression



Born of questionable truth,

I make love to your memories.

Let's not lie to the intrusive stars,

their sharp shadows

do not match the local sky.


I dream of finding a moment

of faith in you in what is

most tender and perfect.


Would you kiss

my nightmare goodnight?

Will you allow my body to continue

its journey without

the company of words?


I am surrounded by emptiness,

crystal melancholies flowing with

the current of longing.

Among the thoughts

we will find the one

that we are ashamed to admit.


It is impossible for tears

to flow against our will.

Tonight the sky is blooming so beautifully,

so uniquely.


You took away the last of my faith

in the last man.

Your touch left

a painful impression

on me that will never be healed.

Dodane 24 KWIETNIA 2024
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