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This Painful Story



Can you hear me singing

this wordless ballad?

Do you feel

how many kisses

I had to lose to understand

the meaning of your return?


My heart freed itself from

the shackles of longing

and moved to welcome a new world,

new dreams that were not worth

talking to.


The last tear burst within me,

the silence turned into

pain that gently irritates

my sleepless eyelids, fading away

like an abandoned crystal.


I cannot find a suitable thought

that would acquaint me

with the repentance and submission

with which I am ending

this chapter,

this painful story.


Let me experience the closeness of

your sky, your scarlet stars

that are waiting in line for

the stolen light.


My endless torment,

do you make love to shadows

that stare into your heart?

Don't lie to my tears, get off

the pedestal that slips away

from your feet.

Dodane 24 KWIETNIA 2024
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