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No Inspiration



I found among your gullible words

this one lie that no one deserves.

I noticed the truth that is worth sacrificing

the rest of my existence for.


I don't want to burn when my soul

rests in your embrace,

when my body collides with your touch.


I don't want your time to come

to an abrupt end.

I don't want love to become

acquainted with my conscience.


Don't let your eternity be mine as well.

I am fiercely in love with your thoughts.

I do not miss the sentyment

I give to your silence.


Please let me taste your breath,

your outstretched hands.

Could you paint my private paradise

on my wall?


Autumn is coming, it's time to understand

how much warmth it takes

to resurrect deaf and dumb words.


Unconvinced about tomorrow,

I bloom like roses in love, I simulate

a peace that knows no inspiration.

Dodane 24 KWIETNIA 2024
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