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In Your Crimson Gaze



I am looking for indigent illusions

that will allow me to exist despite

the life-giving time.

I am trying to find words

that would express the vastness

of heaven in my heart.


I know that love

also belongs to stars,

to the cursed constellations

whose light guides me through

the dark past.


The day you were born

is the most beautiful day

of my life.

Can you feel the truth

that has been so cruelly lied

to by fate here?


Can the heat flowing from

your hands satisfy my imagination?

I wander between hell and paradise,

looking for a path

that will lead me beyond

the boundaries of sleep.


My dreams, locked in their own world,

are waiting for their turn.

I try to feel the taste

of your soul, I want to recognize

tomorrow in your crimson gaze.

Dodane 24 KWIETNIA 2024
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