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The Boundaries of Penance



The Dark Messiah, can you feel

my soulless, imprisoned stars

in the sky of your heart?

Do you know how many decades

it took for me to understand

the immensity of a sleepless morning?


It took many years for me

to understand why you have to die

to understand life.

A wound has awakened in me,

which will lead you to the source

of my delusions,

which will show you the path

to a more beautiful future.


The Dark Messiah, let me see

the past in your scarlet conscience,

in your immeasurable breath.

Let me feel the glow within me

that will not die despite the night.


I will get to the other side

of the soul, I will find your body there,

painfully abandoned,

at the mercy of reality.


The Dark Messiah, until I die, my dreams

will remain yours.

I escape into space-time,

beyond the boundaries of penance.

Dodane 24 KWIETNIA 2024
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