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I'm falling to pieces

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I'm falling to pieces

A shot in the dark

A past lost in space

And where do I start

The past and the chase

You hunted me down

Like a wolf, a predator

I felt like a deer in love lights


You loved me and I froze in time

Hungry for that flesh of mine

But I can't compete with a she-wolf, 

who has brought me to my knees

What do you see in those yellow eyes?

'Cause I'm falling to pieces

I'm falling to pieces

Falling to pieces


Did she lie and wait

Was I bait to pull you in

The thrill of the kill

You feel, there is a sin

I lay with the wolves

alone it seems, 

I thought I was part of you


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friends foreba

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I'm falling to pieces

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aha.. aha..

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happy bday

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