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Odnośnie wczorajszego wpisu plan jest taki: 


1. forget about that dreamy girl...

you are now the girl that you always wanted to be,

so start acting like her and thinking like her.

 everyone has their own style, embrace yours. 

soon enough you will be that gorgeous model.

 2. only eat foods that are worth posting online

this means what you eat has to be photogenic and at a cute amount.

 you must think of what your followers would think...

if you post a pic of a pretty cookie and youre so so tiny,

theyd think thats probably what you eat all day.

but i you post a pic of an entire box of cookies and chocolate bar a pint of icecream next to it... thats just gross.

 3.yep, this also means no more binging. at all.

binging is not pretty, we all know that.

and you would never dare posting online a video of you binging.

all of your followers would leave you in horror...

 4. also, you cannot just scarf something down when youre uncontrollably hungry

remember you are perfect and in perfect control of yourself

youll have mealstiny snacks, in beautiful plates

and of course you have as much tea and coffee as youd like in lovely mugs

 5. you must also be photogenic

remember to be poised and sit up straight

have a workout routine of your dream girl

and wear all of your dream outfits

dont worry about not being skinny enough,

soon you will be.

 6. act as if all thats missing is the figure you dream of.

try to live the life you want

and carry yourself like the girl you want to be would have.


Niestety po angielsku, ale myślę, że nikt nie będzie mieć problemu z przetłumaczeniem tego. Sama stosuję się do tych zasad, do tego liczenie kcal, makrosów i mikro oraz sport. Schudłam 3 kilo. 


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