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Your revolution is a joke... 

Your Crimson Sky



While walking through this world

yesterday, I encountered your broken love.

This love was dressed in

the best heart,

wore the most excellent kiss,

which was given to him by chance.


I'm lost in your crimson sky,

lost my overvalued dreams

along the way.

I'm afraid of your loneliness, I'm terrified

of the slightest excuse to leave

this side of the light definitively.


All that remains unknown to us

will carry this plastic cross.

I dissolve like the last ray of sunlight,

I dissipate like a breath you took

too hastily.


No, don't teach me how to devoutly lie.

The force that multiplies

in your desolate heart is as gentle as

the first spring rain.


Shivers run through my body,

words stick to my lips where they

want to stay.

Dodane 28 MAJA 2023

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