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[ ... lifie is all about ...
      ... making the right decision ... ]

I am drunk.
In my point of view, that is quite important information.


When we are toxicated ... everything is going out.
The whole [ fucking ] truth.


So ...
everything passed away. All problems ... all disagreement.

I didn't mean that everything is clear, because it is not.
But ... it passed away. Isn't important any more.
To date ... as from now ... I HOPE.

I am really happy from that turn of case.
Of course it is not my comes true dreams ...
But it is better that being lied.
Am I right?!
I would rather not to expercience the ... ekhm ... loooveee  [ yuck! ]
than think I love and am loved, when it is fucking mistake. Life's defeat.
I miss the happy end little bit. Of course.
But that solution. This speedy ending is much more better.


I try to convinience myself. Is it really pitful?
Please, say "NO" ;|


However ...
godbye my almost lover. I haven't opened the envelope with our photo.
Good sign.


I look forward to coming back and being in France.
I hope this five days will be the best I have ever had. Spending time with the loved ones.
And France ...
I hope I will meet the most crazy people in the world. And I will not regret it.


We believe that ...


And when I will be back ...
I will believe that was the worst past ever. Because the best has been still waiting for me.


[ ... and I think she feels ...
      ... quite content wth who she is ... ]

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