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Dodane 25 STYCZNIA 2023 , exif
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I feel like things are finally slowly coming together.
I know photoblog soon will stop existing, one day i need to get myself motivated and download my old pictures, tho i probably have them somewhere on my old memory cards. 
Im sat in my new flat, waiting for hello fresh, using my macbook for the first time in ages (i actually managed to fix it and it was much easier with my wifi then it was on pheonix court). Im getting my nails done today (finally), and getting lashes done on friday. Fair enough, i dont really have money to treat myself, but i wanna treat myself (duh). I even wanted to buy apple watch and ipad as i really miss them, but no. Not yet. 
Also i should probably get my hair done at some point soon cause im starting to look like an actual witch. 
And i should probably stop panicking so much about everything. I made it. I managed to sort everything out by myself and it wasnt easy at all, but ive done it. Im here, I can slowly relax. It will be fine. I will be fine. Just breathe. It will work out.  
Could do with doing less hours at work as well but not until i paid some things off, then ill just go back to working my normal hours. 
God, im so happy to have my laptop and lightroom back. 
Flat is slowly coming together too, tho theres still a lot of work and i need to invest in some furniture, for now i made things work. Needless to say I HAVE WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES. To the point where last week i tried to separate them into piles and ended up with a mountain of clothes to try on... i managed to probably try 20% of them clothes and gave up (and after that i already have two bags of stuff that need donating or selling).
I dont get chest pains that much anymore. I think last time i had it properly was the day after i had the heart monitor. All the test came back absolutely fine too, which i should be really happy about but i still wanna know what is actually wrong with me. I have an nhs dentist now, so i dont have to spend fortune next time i need an emergency appointment. I think that from things that needed sorting out.. im pretty much there. Im still waiting for my permanent settlement but that could take up to few months. 
Its probably time to finally focus on yourself. I definitely need to start looking after myself a bit more. 

mnrw do Twarzy Ci z tym kolczykiem pozdrawiam :)
27/01/2023 20:27:40
Photoblog.PRO ezekh114 A może tak po francusku ten tekst ? :-)
25/01/2023 14:58:59
gontier francuskiego nie znam niestety
25/01/2023 15:03:43