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Dodane 19 KWIETNIA 2019
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Last times people are teling to me "U are crazy!", because i want to work everyday if its possible. I'm in UK from 1,5 year. I arrived here with friends, who i met in internet by a game and we saw first time on airport. I remember my start here. It was really hard in work, because I never worked physic before. I thought about back to Poland but I didn't give up. Im here alone now, my family and friends are in Poland and sometimes im feel really bad because I miss, but when I was on holiday last time at my home in Poland i said to myself "It's time to change my life, to save money, to work hard, to become better human" and last time I start to do it. I changed my food for more healthier, I have second job, I'm trying to do all overtimes if it's availables. I'm so happy about it because I can meet new people at work, I'm still improving my english by talk with other staff, im saveing more money, im losting my weigh, just step by step to realize my dreams and to change my life. Life in UK is giving me a lot new experience, skills and made me independet. I need one thing in UK to don't think about back to Poland... is my family. Now im living day by day, just 'carpe diem' and waiting for future. Our limits are in our heads. If u want to achievements something u have to do a hard work, have a some lucky and don't be scared to changes. Are u happy about your life? Not? It's time to change.