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elastic heart

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elastic heart

Every mistake I have done was made because I never know when to let it go. I either give up too soon, or try to breath life into things, that should not exist anymore. This time I'm doing both, giving in and fighting at once, losing everything, hoping for the best.

I'm so fed up with your "heartbreaking" stories. Now I know enough about your bipolar disorder, schizophrenic shit, about your depression and borderline, how extraoridinary you are and how much you deserve a better life. Been there & done that, but now go away. Don't ask me to listen to this pathetic whining, don't ask me to watch a piece of shit you have become. Being serious, congratulations on the mess you made of things, but I ask you kindly: now just leave. This room, this flat, this city. Leave my life and do not show up never again.

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