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Dodane 26 GRUDNIA 2017
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Hey people.!

I am new here.. Long long time ago I had photoblog but I already forgot this time.
I will write here in English. I hope that's okay for you. Why? Cause I want be check myself? Cause I want to show it to my friends who don't know polish? Cause I just want? 

Maybe first I should say something about me. My name is Monika and I am interested in Korean culture. Ah right, possibly you are try understand my photoblog's name. bulgeun maeum (‰@ ČL)  is written in korean language and it's mean 'red heart'. Nothing special, right? haha Anyway i like this name. 

What i will write here? Hm I think just about my daily life, my thoughts, about books. 


I think that's all for this first post here.I hope I can meet here someone.
If you have questions to me, leave me message. 




Bye, bye!


Edit. P.S. So sad I can't add words in hangeul ;( 

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