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" Wierzę Ci, bo dotrzymujesz wszystkich obietnic"


 "Some nights I think of you

Reliving the past, wishing itd last, wishing and dreaming" 


"Seasons they will change, life will make you grow, dreams will make you cry, cry, cry

Everything is temporary, everything will slide, love will never die, die, die" 


"It's just another downpour, don't let it get the best of you

Its only up from the floor, light everything inside of you

Don't burn out, don't burn out on me, Don't burn out, don't burn out on me

Sadness is my enemy I fear time will age him gently

Walking by my side for all these years, seems that weve grown friendly Happiness is beautiful to see,

wont you box it up for me, for me?"


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